Testimonial - Sam Himes, Spacenews.com

This was an email that Sam Himes (formerly of Spacenews.com) sent to a perspective client of ours who was looking for a reference. We worked with Sam for about 4 years, while he was with Spacenews.com, doing a total of 5 web projects for them. See related portfolio items listed below.

I have worked with LiquidCMS from 2010 until the present – developing and maintaining five websites (primarily B2B publishing and social media enhanced) first using Drupal 6 and then Drupal 7.  When using Drupal 7, we used a responsive design very successfully.

In most, if not all cases, we had very strict deadlines, and very frequently, a "soon as possible" timeframe.  In each case, LiquidCMS responded very quickly.  In the open source environment, LiquidCMS moved very quickly on items it could control and opened communications with those areas not immediately under its control, such as web hosting providers and module owners.  In cases when I could not wait for module owners to respond, LiquidCMS (and most specifically Peter Lindstrom) had the php coding expertise to provide immediate fixes without delay.  (I would caution you that such overrides are typically best avoided due to increased cost and future module changes that would require increased maintenance costs due to "customization"  – something that Lindstrom was very clear about each time I pushed forward with at that time).

I was very pleased with this working relationship, and the high quality of the end product.  In my current capacity as a consultant, I’ve had other web design firms review the work done by LiquidCMS and these firms have confirmed the quality and soundness of the Drupal implementations of the sites.  To be very candid, I use LiquidCMS’s coding quality to judge other firms.  Typically, these firms in their eagerness to find work for themselves can find faults in others' work, and the fact that I have not had that experience with code reviews of LiquidCMS, tends to leave me with the impression that LiquidCMS is really that standard that I should be judging other firms on rather than vice versa.

Would I work with LiquidCMS again?  Yes, without a doubt.

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