Drupal 5

09 Jun

National Association of Empty Property Practitioners (NAEPP)

National Association of Empty Property Practitioners (NAEPP) was established in May 2001 to support people involved in delivering empty property strategies.

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09 Jun

Universal Music

One of our earliest projects but also one of our highest profile is www.UniversalMusic.com.

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01 Jun

Consumer Search

ConsumerSearch.com is a service from About.com a part of The New York Times Company (New York, NY). ConsumerSearch has been around as a valuable resource for consumers for many years.

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24 Jul

Testimonial - Sam Himes, Spacenews.com

This was an email that Sam Himes (formerly of Spacenews.com) sent to a perspective client of ours who was looking for a reference. We worked with Sam for about 4 years, while he was with Spacenews.com, doing a total of 5 web projects for them.

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15 May

How to: dealing with "live" email addresses during development.

Site development regularly extends beyond the launch of the site and beyond the point where the live site has real user accounts set up.

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25 Jan


LifeWire.com is a service from About.com, a part of The New York Times Company. LifeWire is a content provider for such organizations as the New York Times, About.com, CNN and others.

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