23 Jul

How to create an Ionic 5 popover.

I found a few examples of setting up a popover in an Ionic 5 app; but most seemed to be missing some small piece. After getting it to work I thought I would post my recipe.

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14 Jun

Mobile Media Applications

Mobile Media Applications (MMA) provides custom mobile apps to the Hotel, Resort and B&B industry. The app for each of their clients is accompanied by a Drupal 7 backend website which is used to manage the content which is displayed on the app. 

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15 Jun

Parcours Riverain

Parcours Riverain is a mobile app developed for the City of Montreal. It provides a guide to the cities points of interest along its many waterways. The app is primarilly a mapping app with categorized maps to help locate over a 1000 parks, historical sites and other sites.

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