Drupal 7

26 May

Common Drupal Terminology

There is a lot of terminology specific to Drupal and it is easier when your clients get used to the odd language you are using. This is made overly complicated by the Drupal community sometimes messing up these terms by making them ambiguous or contradictory.

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03 Jun

QLeva Mobile App

In Sept 2019 we began working with Netnebulis, a Swedish based partner of ours, to develop a mobile app for their client: QLeva.

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14 Jun

Mobile Media Applications

Mobile Media Applications (MMA) provides custom mobile apps to the Hotel, Resort and B&B industry. The app for each of their clients is accompanied by a Drupal 7 backend website which is used to manage the content which is displayed on the app. 

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24 May

idQ: Trust as a Service - inBay Technologies

inBay Technologies secure login solution idQ TaaS provides passwordless authentication where no private information (username, password, biometric, or other shared secret) is transmitted.

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10 Feb

Convert Views display to Master display

Thanks to jedihe for posting this great tip: https://www.drupal.org/node/2313791#comment-11469881

$view = views_get_view('machine_name_of_my_view');
$source_display = 'machine_name_of_the_overridden_display';

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31 Jan

Testimonial - Miranda Taylor, Xplore Videos

We began work with Miranda and Xplore Videos in July of 2015 after she posted on the Jobs forum of Drupal.org.

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27 Jul

Peter speaking at DrupalCamp Ottawa 2015

DrupalCamp Ottawa 2015 was held at the University of Ottawa on July 24. It is a 1 day Drupal camp for Drupal users, developers, site builders and those just wanting to check out Drupal for the first time.

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16 Jun

Parcours Riverain: Our first mobile app.

We have just launched our first mobile app (iOS and Android). Parcours Riverain was developed for the City of Montreal as a guide to over 1000 points of interest along Montreal's extensive system of waterways.

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15 Jun

College of Environmental Design, CPP

Back in the spring of 2013, our design partner, Squared Design Labs (Los Angeles, CA) won the bid to redo the web site for Cal Poly Pomona's College of Environmental Design.

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15 Jun

Parcours Riverain

Parcours Riverain is a mobile app developed for the City of Montreal. It provides a guide to the cities points of interest along its many waterways. The app is primarilly a mapping app with categorized maps to help locate over a 1000 parks, historical sites and other sites.

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