National Association of Empty Property Practitioners (NAEPP)

Job Description

National Association of Empty Property Practitioners (NAEPP) was established in May 2001 to support people involved in delivering empty property strategies. It was launched by empty property practitioners with the support of government ministers, the Housing Corporation and the Empty Homes Agency.

David Gibbens approached LiquidCMS with the idea of upgrading their existing Drupal 4.6 website to Drupal 4.7 in the hopes of allowing them to finally fix some of the buygs that had been plaguing their site for a while as well as to add more functionality by using some of the modules only available in 4.7.

LiquidCMS upgraded their existing Drupal 4.6 website to Drupal 4.7 including imporintg all their existing content. Numerous upgrades were also added including:

  • nice menu system (nice_menu)
  • improved mail system (simplenews, simplenews_roles)
  • addition/setup of TinyMCE
  • addition of numerous new modules (legal, profile_csv, views, urlfilter, events, LiquidCMS's improved menu module)
  • modifications to user and notify modules to allow profile info to be inserted into registration and notification emails
  • numerous asthetic improvements including converting existing theme to phptemplate theme

The project had a very limited budget (1000GBP) and LiquidCMS was able to complete the project well within NAEPP's budget.

Project Details

  • Commercial


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