Mobile Media Applications

Job Description

Mobile Media Applications (MMA) provides custom mobile apps to the Hotel, Resort and B&B industry. The app for each of their clients is accompanied by a Drupal 7 backend website which is used to manage the content which is displayed on the app. 

We were first approached by MMA back in Jan of 2015 to quote on fixing numerous UI issues with their backend Drupal sites. We provided both a quote for the work to fix the issues they were seeing but also a recommendation. After spending an hour reviewing their website (which is cloned for each of their clients) it was obvious that their original Drupal developers did not understand Drupal or even general CMS concepts. The reason for the majority of their UI issues was simply that the architecture of their site was a mess. Our recommendation was to re-architect their backend app management site to make it significantly easier to add features, extend the ones they had and remove all of their UI concerns. And we offered to do this for the same cost as they had already accepted for us to fix only their UI issues.

Thankfully, MMA accepted offer #2 to redo the architecture of their app content management system. This not only fixed all of the UI issue that they had; but also provided them with numerous new features, allowed the existing features to be extendable and provided a much easier path to creating new features in the future.

After completion of the architecture improvements to their web platform, the owner of MMA was so impressed with us that he requested we take over their mobile app development as well. At the time we had only a limited amount of experience using the Ionic app development framework. We agreed to take over this side of their business and in doing do provided them with a much more stable platform to run their business on.

The deployment platform we created for them allowed us to quickly create both a new client web site and mobile app for each client they aquired. Almost all of the settings for the app including multiple language translations, the look and feel, numerous optional features and more, were all configurable from the client's website - which we could provision in less than an hour.

Project Details

  • Commercial
  • Mobile App


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