Testimonial - Miranda Taylor, Xplore Videos

We began work with Miranda and Xplore Videos in July of 2015 after she posted on the Jobs forum of Drupal.org. Miranda was 3 years into a fairly large video project undertaking and had become frustrated with the 4 previous firms she had dealt with to date; one of these being one of the larger Drupal design houses in North America. Her original requirement was to simply come up with a responsive theme to overlay on the 1/2 dozen sites she already had mostly functioning. After a two hour call with Miranda it became apparent that she wanted and needed more than just a better, responsive theme. The project was in need of numerous fixes, improvements and features that simply sounded from the other firms as though they would not be possible or would cost 10's of 1000's of dollars to complete. It took a while, but Miranda eventually became able to simply trust that we could do whatever she was looking for, for significantly less money and much faster than she has been used to in the past.

Miranda has this to say about her experience with LiquidCMS:

LiquidCMS has been a game changer for my company.  As founder of an IT start-up, I’d hired several different development firms, including one of the largest and best in the country, to build half a dozen fairly complex Drupal sites for me.  After a great deal of time and money had been expended, none of these firms had been able to actually complete the sites.  In looking for a new firm to take over the project, I discovered LiquidCMS and was literally astonished at how knowledgeable they were and how quickly they were able to accomplish what all of the others had been unable to.  They are the best firm I’ve worked with, bar none, and I’m so pleased with them that I’d be happy to talk with anyone even thinking of hiring a different firm – as someone who has had numerous unfortunate experiences with development firms, I have learned that choosing the right company is CRITICAL - my only regret is that I didn’t find LiquidCMS sooner!

These are the sites we are currently working on for Xplore Videos:

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