QLeva Mobile App

Job Description

In Sept 2019 we began working with Netnebulis, a Swedish based partner of ours, to develop a mobile app for their client: QLeva.

The application is intended to collect wellness information from both students and parents. This information is collected anonymously per school and used to determine if changes in school policy should be investigated to ensure a better environment for the students.

The app consists of numerous surveys specific to student year and for either student or parent. The questions and answers are fully managed from the website back end. Results for the surveys are submitted back to the website where results are colated. These user's individual results are then presented as a graph on the user's app while the combined data is made availale to school administrators.

The back end of the system is a Drupal 7 website with custom entities and modules developed by LiquidCMS to communicate with the mobile app. The Services module is used for both sending and receiving data to/from the app and website.

The app itself is developed using Ionic 4; an Angular/Cordova hybrid mobile app development platform.

Project Details

  • Education
  • Mobile App


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