28 Nov

Multipage User Registration form

The University of PEI (subcontracted from Dave Kisly) required a complex multipaged user registration form for their CAUBO project.

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07 Oct

How to: form alter a field label

I seem to vaguely recall the days of D5 when altering fields seemed much simpler.. hmmm. Anyway, needed to alter a simple label of a field today and took far longer than it should have; so thought I would post here.

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30 Jul

Begin work on

Under contract by Imaginova; we started work on a new site for them:

Check out our portfolio listing for them to see some of the cool features used on this project.

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15 May

Beware of long View names.

I was debugging a Views block the other day and couldn't figure out why it wasn't hitting my block tpl. Pretty scary why it wasn't..

but first some background.


the view:     product_category_reviews

display id:  block_1


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