01 Apr

Admin Role for D7

A very useful module in D6 days called Admin Role. It attempts to convert the concept of the superuser (uid = 1) to a role; thereby allowing multiple users to be the superuser. Obviously a concept that should be in Drupal core.

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12 Mar
22 Aug

CTA launches first GoC Agency site based on Drupal

In February of 2011 LiquidCMS won the contract to convert the Canadian Transportation Agency's public website into Drupal.

In August of that year the site launched.

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04 Apr

Custom Panel pages shown as Tabs

Quick discovery I made last night.. might save some hair pulling:

In the past I have added tabs using panels (or views) to std node tabs or user tabs… I simply would set their path's to something like node/%node/tab1 or user/$user/tab1

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