Patches to support i18n in D7

We are currently involved in multiple bilingual Drupal 7 projects. As we proceed with development we are coming across numerous i18n related issues. I thought it might be useful to list the various issues/fixes/patches/solutions we are providing all in one spot.

translatable field properties "description" not used when in collection

  • the field_collection module does a neat trick of displaying a collection's help text on the node view of a node where it is being used until you have added data to this collection:
  • in other words; the collections help text is displayed to let the user know what that collection is for
  • the i18n_fields module allows a field's Help text to be translated; but the collection field does not use this translated text
  • the patch provided above fixes this issue

translate links

  • the Views handler to link node titles, nids, etc to the node uses the "node's language" but when using the concept of translatable fields; there is only 1 node (whose language is the site's default language) and therefore the handler does not properly provide the links.
  • the patch provided above on the i18nviews module fixes this issue by replacing Views default title and nid field handlers with one which uses the site's language rather than the node's language.

 stay tuned for updates...

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