Job Description

LiquidCMS had previously developed 4 web sites for SpaceNews Inc (formerly Imaginova of Washington, D.C.). We were approached in June, 2012 to begin work on their main corporate site The site launched in Oct 2012.

Unlike the previous projects with SpaceNews this was migrating a large existing site over to Drupal. The existing site was approximately 20k HTML static pages. These pages were all broken down into fields and imported (the Drupal way!!).

One of the major aspects of this project was the site's responsive theme. Not only was it a fresh new modern look for the site but it was also completely responsive to support a wide variety of screen sizes. The Omega base theme was used with Browscap and other modules to provide not only screen width responsiveness but mobile detection as well.

Some of the highlights of this project include:

  • extremely responsive theme with browscap support for mobile detection
    • Browscap Overrides module contributed back to the Browscap project to allow custom overrides to browscap's device detection
  • custom authentication system to work with SpaceNews' existing subscription service (Cambey/West)
  • extensive use of Panels to support flexible custom layouts and to aide in mobile vs desktop layouts
  • use of the Feeds module to dynamically import content from various RSS publishers
  • new StockTicker module contributed back to the Stock API project that provides a Stock "ticker" as well as portfolio management
  • provide Drupal 7 port of the FirstClickFree module back to that project for allowing Google to better spider premium content
  • contribute back fixes/improvements to the Premium Content project to support the site's subscriber content levels

Project Details

  • Aerospace


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