Drupal 8

26 May

Common Drupal Terminology

There is a lot of terminology specific to Drupal and it is easier when your clients get used to the odd language you are using. This is made overly complicated by the Drupal community sometimes messing up these terms by making them ambiguous or contradictory.

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09 Jan

Change field type of a field with existing data.

This came up today and did a little bit of digging and testing to find a solution.

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07 Aug

How to use AJAX to fill in a date field from an entity selected using an entityref autocomplete field.

One of the things most startling about Drupal 8 is the lack of documentation or false documentation on many simple everyday tasks. I went looking for how to set a (date) field on an entity form when another entity was selected from an entity reference autocomplete field on that form.

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03 Dec

How to get rendered, rewritten field results from Drupal 8 view.

It took me a while to track this down so I wanted to post it somewhere. In the past I would have posted to api.drupal.org but it seems as though that has been rendered useless in D8 as each new release of D8 (8.3, 8.4, etc) hides the previous comments.

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